One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster!

Welcome one and all, to my brand new blog that shall house whatever (mis)adventures I find myself in over the next four months. For those of you who might not know me well enough to be ‘in the know’ of my comings and goings, my plan for this deferred year of university is to toddle on over to Koh Tao, an idyllic island best known for its superb dive sites (and more recently, a very tragic and unfortunate event), to complete a two month dive internship. And generally live in paradise with neigh a care in the world.


So the wheels are firmly set in motion. Accessorize have provided me with a trusty (slash cringey) daisy motif-ed zipper backpack to house my wares, Paperchase is verging on a notebook-and-matching-pen shortage all down to yours truly, and there are enough Boots miniatures littering my floor to wash, moisturise and perfume a family of four for a full year. Yes, I know you can get everything under the sun cheap as chips over there, but the thought of arriving in my accommodation without shampoo or conditioner is a thought too wicked to bear.

Armed with all of this plus a mere five bikinis, (have you TRIED buying bikinis in January? Honestly, shop owners must be utterly clueless to the idea of getting away for some ‘Winter sun’) I will be embarking on my Hobbit-esque epic journey on Thursday morning. Navigating the Gatwick-Heathrow coach shall be my first hurdle. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed I don’t end up trundling along on a train to Penzance without a goddarned clue where it shall stop, even IF it shall stop (this has, in actual fact, happened to me. It can really happen to anyone.)

So I wish myself safe travels, and I’ll see you on the flip side.

Rosie x


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