Moving in (times two)

After Abi’s cracker of a birthday night out, we very sensibly didn’t want either of us walking home alone, so she kindly kept me company in my temporary room near the dive centre. The king sized bed was so massive, I hardly even knew she was there! We woke up around midday and strolled down to Mae Head, where we promptly ordered two banana shakes, scrambled egg on toast and a club sandwich.

Boots suitably filled, we walked the length of Sairee beach (sampling delicious 20 baht samosas along the way) to sneak into Wind Beach Resort and lay by the pool. Here we whiled away the afternoon hours soaking up the rays and getting a smidgen of shoulder burn, whoops.

All of the DMTs (divemaster trainees) are living at Blue Wave, a brand new resort 10 minutes walk away from Simple Life, all the rooms being ensuite with king size beds, a mini fridge and a gorgeous balcony. We enquired at the desk whether my room was anywhere near Abi’s, as my room wasn’t going to be ready until Monday. The woman screamed ‘No, no! Your room no near her room, your room old hotel, not new hotel.’ We looked at each other in utter horror as she explained the resort is totally full for the next two months. After about 5 seconds of deliberation, we decided to share Abi’s luxury room and split the rent, saving heaps of money and meaning I don’t have to live in the back of beyond, with no balcony and a view of a derelict wasteland (stray mongrels included).

We took a trip to the 7/11 to stock up on Lays crisps (extra barbecue, obviously), and found some cheap plastic laundry baskets to use as storage for our clothes. So far we were living out of our suitcases, with the room’s single fault being it has no drawers or cupboards, just a rail. Feeling like washerwomen we balanced them on our hips/heads and set about designing our living space. The balcony now looks like some sort of Morrocan chill out area, with our elephant print sarongs draped over the Aztec printed wooden furniture.

Dinner was booked for 10 of us at Blue Chair, a cheap as chips authentic Thai restaurant, which is entirely what I have been looking forward to all this time. We ordered mojitos and pretty much everyone went for their famous chicken massaman curry with vegetable rice, which was hands down the best curry I have ever tasted in my whole life.

The rest of the night we spent back at the Simple Life bar, where I found out my diving starts on Monday with a scuba review on the afternoon boat before I can start my Advanced Open Water. Considering I haven’t managed to wake up before 12pm yet, it’s definitely for the best that I’m not booked on the 7am morning boat. A girl’s gotta sleep!



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