Breakfast of Chumphons

The day began with a delivery from Greasy Spoon to start the day right. Abi cleverly went for the full English, complete with baked beans in their own little plastic bag and a crispy hash brown. The only downfalls were the browned-yet-still-soft ‘toast’, and a tragic incident involving a falling fried egg landing yolk down on the balcony floor. The sacred three second rule sadly couldn’t come into play in this case. I plumped for the slightly lighter breakfast of muesli, fruit and yoghurt, with the obligatory banana shake, of course.


My advanced course started with an instructor called Sam and no others in our group for the first dive. He taught me different types of swimming kicks, to best conserve energy and air. The frog kick was easily mastered, but swimming backwards and going upside down were certainly not my most graceful of moments. Navigation was rather a doddle, learning how to use a compass for diving in a straight line or a square. As I was navigating us back to the boat using sights he had pointed out for me to remember (for example a buoy line, a chunk of an old boat), we swam across a turtle nibbling away at some coral. We watched him in awe for a fair while, me mesmerised by his whopping size and later finding out he was actually the smaller species, totally forgetting any of my landmarks to get back to the boat. But oh well, I was the envy of everyone when we eventually swam back to the boat and told them what we saw.

Exhausted from my first properly successful dive, we decided a massage was in order (oil, not Thai – never making that mistake again!). You can mix and match what you go for, so I paid 300 baht for half an hour of head, back and shoulders and half an hour of a foot massage. It was utterly unbelievable! There were a few painful moments where the elbows were really grinding on some sore spots, but it was an experience I bet we will be repeating week after week. Suitably relaxed and feeling rather peckish, we ambled along to the Seashell Barbecue, for beautiful beef and mixed seafood skewers. They come with a baked potato and salad, which is like a fresh homemade coleslaw. It was our favourite meal yet, especially as the staff were super friendly and kept laughing at us when we ordered more and more butter for our jackets.

After a few compulsory drinks at Simple Life, we were in a total state of zen so called it a night, stopping off at the 7/11 for crisps and a ham and cheese toastie, subsequently falling asleep watching The Hunger Games on our fox movies channel.


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