Exploring the underwater world

The only potential downside to the otherwise perfect-in-every-way morning boat, is our captain’s tendency to have his favourite dive sites that we must return to, day after day. While it seems that everyone else on the island is appreciating the exotic wonders of Chumphon (home to whale sharks, so I hear) we are treated to multiple return visits to our local White Rock and the Wreck. We’re like those families who insist on the same Disney holiday, year after year, because you know full well just how much fun you’re sure to have. This describes my family perfectly, so I’m actually rather suited to getting to know these dive sites like the back of my hand, especially considering my complete lack of sense of direction.

The wreck is thirty metres deep and has notoriously bad visibility, but luckily for us Abi brought her go pro on a day of relative clarity. Four of us girls took to the ship, free to be as snap happy as our hearts desired.


Behold my underwater grace and flair! These moves cannot be taught, I was born with it.


For the first time since reluctantly proving some skills in my scuba review, the regulator came straight out for smiling purposes. Approximately three pints of sea water were consumed during the making of these photos, but there was no way watermelon mask was coming off (not quite yet, anyway. The salt water burns!).


Due to the distinct lack of fish to see or Christmas tree coral to play with, we even had time to master our O rings.

Playing at being models for the day was tiring work, so we treated ourselves to a little retail therapy. While I was watching the sunset from atop a large rock (don’t ask), Abi and Gill found the loveliest little shop in Mae Haad where they purchased some gorgeous bikinis and dresses. All too eagerly I had a browse myself later on, and found this dress which I just might have to invest in. What do you think?

Wearing a new little black dress from a minimalist clothes shop we found, dinner was eaten at our favourite ramshackle Thai place where a jolly woman cooks us our dinner right in front of us. We divert our eyes at the sugar adding stage of the pad thai – what we don’t know won’t hurt.



Bellies filled and money saved from sticking to the local grub, we met up with the gang over in Sairee to spend said savings on beautiful cocktails and not-so-refined buckets. A brilliant day!


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