Hiking to Tanote Bay and beyond

With another barotrauma looming in now the left ear, a morning off diving was in order. Awakening at half 7 to the sound of soft snores emanating from Abi’s bed, I slyly pulled on my fitness gear and snuck out of the room. After rambling along a stretch of main road, a massive sign loomed in the distance directing me to Aow Leuk and Tanote Bay. Making my way up an undulating dirt road, the route was littered with hand painted signs for the mysterious ‘Campsite’, instructing you to drive safely and giving promises of new friends.


A little explore was in order, after which it’s safe to say that the group was immediately told, point blanc, that we are attending the next Jungle Party. There were so many little tents and areas perfect for chilling out in, so we absolutely cannot wait for February 11th to come around.

The mid morning sun was beginning to beat down, and luckily for me the Tanote Bay cliff top restaurant came into view. They’d just opened, were booming out Bob Marley and made me a mean banana shake.

Looking out at the bay, I could see the rock where Abi tragically injured her foot the other day. She didn’t even jump off it (like the boys did), but it turns out that it’s lethal to those barefooted among us.


After all that exertion, a big bowl of the best homemade pasta was in order from Cappuccino, a lovely French bakery on the up road in Mae Haad. We often sneak in just before closing at 6pm, after a strenuous afternoon boat to refuel before bed. Pad Thai five times a day sometimes doesn’t quite cut the mustard.


Totally redeeming the fact that we couldn’t dive, an impromptu girls night occurred at Fishbowl. A blissful incident involving a jug of passion fruit mojito, and a mistaken five hundred baht note for a thousand, meant we ended up being paid to drink at said bar. What a turn of luck! Long may it continue.



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