Mojito Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

We’ve recently discovered, to the detriment of our wallets, that Fishbowl along Sairee beach does a mean hundred baht deal on mojitos every Monday. This isn’t just your average lime and mint combo either. We’ve sampled the wild berry, passion fruit, mango, and the absolutely lethal Thai. A mixture of ginger syrup and chilli rum, it truly burns! Not one for the faint hearted, but I rather enjoyed it.



Feeling a tad tipsy and over exposed to the sun, we had an impromptu shopping spree at a shop ran by the meanest of staff. Not even a measly 10 baht could be knocked off, despite our sweetest smiles. We’d even set up camp outside awaiting her return from a clearly leisurely lunch – but alas, no discount was to be had.

Abi came away over the moon with a pair of perfectly fitting denim shorts (something we’ve been striving to find at every corner), Maria with a gorgeous high waisted bikini, and myself with a striking neon number! An afternoon well spent, and we may have spent rather a lot.

Wobbling back along the yellow brick road to Mae Haad, we stopped at a restaurant that housed the most lovely dog, who’d just had a litter of puppies. We elbowed several shrieking girls out of the way to grab a puppy for a cuddle. They were too cute for words! We wished more than anything that we could have ran off with one and kept him at Blue Wave in the courtyard.


Puppies, shopping and cocktails. Just another day in paradise!


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