Barracuda, woulda, shoulda

Ever since Gill was lucky enough to eat at the famous island favourite, Barracuda, when her auntie and uncle came to visit, we’ve been eagerly listening to her description of the seafood platter with mouth watering anticipation. Insisting that the platter for two is more than sufficient for three, we took heed and planned our romantic Valentine’s Day, devoid of men yet still so full of love.

After the slightly traumatic experience of Skills Circuit One on the afternoon boat with Zac, we felt we heavily deserved a treat night. Sixty seven minutes of kneeling on the sand at six metres, demonstrating skills as an instructor would do (aka, perfectly, with clear and exaggerated movements) both me and Maria let out a strangled wail of anguish, and clung onto each other for dear life once we finally surfaced. Around forty minutes into the dive, we were all contorting into strange positions in between skills to ease varying stages of cramp. At the same time as controlling the shivers, trying to keep weighted down on the sand as our air was used up, we became more and more buoyant with each breath. All I can say is, thank goodness that ordeal is over!

Dressed up to the nines, Maria, Abi and I descended upon the restaurant in a haze of cocktails and excitement. Sampling the raspberry mojitos and their special mixes, we had an absolute whale of a time from start to finish. Introducing the girls to a favourite childhood game of thinking up things an object could be, we were totally occupied for the following three hours. The napkin ring was most definitely the best (and most inventive) round.


When the platter eventually came, we were three sheets to the wind and loving life. The imported house white in particular was a cracking choice, justified to ourselves by the fact that it goes so well with seafood. It’d be rude not to, right?!



^ A bit squiffy.

The food was positively glorious, and true to Gill’s word was plenty for us to share. While myself and Maria hammered the whole red snapper (eyes included), Abi was in seventh heaven with her prawns swimming in garlic butter.


To top it all off, we ordered a beautiful white chocolate, ginger and passion fruit cheesecake with three forks, and naturally one more round of vino.

Now for that veritable banquet that we enjoyed so immensely, you would have expected a fair bill at the end of it. But true to Thailand form, we escaped with the minor damage of £16 a head. A steal!

Strolling arm in arm back to Blue Wave as the clock struck midnight, I could truly say it was the most perfect and memorable Valentine’s day a single girl could wish for.



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