This is going to be an equipment exchange like no other

Amidst the long list of activities that have been undertaken over the last three months, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you that diving (the big one), has come to an end. With the majority of our original group having already flown the coop, just a few of us stragglers have been dragging out our assists and skill circuits for as long as is reasonable, but the time inevitably came for us to partake in the legendary snorkel test. 


The theme was, there was no theme. Bitterly disappointed yet creatively inspired, we took the loose fancy dress term and ran with army. 


Camouflage tee shirts were found in the market and ripped to shreds. We schlepped through the middle of a tropical rain storm all the way to Chalok for body paint and green glitter. To complete the outfits, we found the most important accessories of all – plastic guns from the 29 baht store.

We drank creamy frappuccinos and ate cheesy pizza while Abi selflessly did both mine and Maria’s hair and make up. That girl deserves a medal! Miraculously, despite having started to get ready practically at midday, we were in a state of rushed panic come 7 o’clock. We weren’t to worry though, as our counterparts were running equally as late, and it afforded us time for a quick strawberry daiquiri to calm the nerves. It was totally worth the wait, as they turned up looking rather dashing indeed.

Ryan and Tess raided a pyjama shop, and ended up looking a little bit like cleaning ladies. 


Kristine wore her epic Great Dane tee, complete with a Danish flag around her bun. 


Sander…well, I have no words for what Sander was dressed up as. Your guess is as good as mine. 


The games kicked off with ‘Equipment Exchange’, an original concept dreamt up entirely by James. As we were an odd number, I had pick of the bunch to choose my partner. Did I go for any one of the hot men who were plaguing the bar that night? No, I panicked when I saw Georgia run off (she was wearing a lovely dress, sans knickers, and rightly ran off to the loos so she couldn’t get picked), so someone chose for me a poor lad called Will. Will had just finished his green curry and wasn’t much in the mood for drinking, so it fell to me to pick up my partner’s slack and drink the beers. 

  The rules were simple (ish). We had to remove two items of clothing from each other while continuously drinking the beer, and re-dress in the other’s clothes. My carefully cut tee shirt ended up a bit more gaping than intended, Kristine flashed her bum to the crowd and we got away with our guns passing as an item of clothing. Happy campers all round!  


 After a celebratory sambuca shot, things proceeded to get messier and messier. We were covered in eggs from our egg and spoon obstacle course (no photos, sad times), the outcome of which determined whether we’d get a ‘good bucket’ or a ‘bad bucket’. Considering the ratio of mayonnaise to alcohol in mine was probably around 3:1, I most definitely got a bad one.

The time came to line up on our chairs, all of us already three sheets to the wind and ready to go. Lovely Adam poured mine into the snorkel and was generous with the motivational encouragements, which absolutely helped, as it tasted pretty foul.  



But we did it!  


The night continued and nobody was sober enough to take a photo. Poor Kristine spent most of it in the recovery position, and Tess did the baby sick thing when you spontaneously spew mid conversation with somebody, and gallantly soldier on as if nothing happened. There was a serious case of over-sharing in the air that night, as it turns out I may have confessed my undying love for the most elusive of instructors, to the man (the myth, the legend) himself. Thankfully, whatever happens on your snorkel test is totally acceptable and subsequently erased from memory. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many of my friends kissing each other in one night! There was a lot of love going around, and it was lovely. 


My last memories of the fiasco were all of us arriving at Sunset to the music shutting down, and the DJ enthusiastically shouting at the girls to jump in the pool topless for a free bucket. Mine was a vodka and peach!

Those guns came in handy for the long walk/run home, as myself and Abi went a bit Lord of the flies and thought we were being chased by every man and his dog. It turns out we were genuinely chased by a pack of dogs, and then bulldozed into James who was innocently coming round a corner.

The whole night was simply unreal, one of those I can’t really remember but will never forget. An unbelievable effort from Sophie and Adam made it extra special, and we can’t thank them enough for organising all the games for us. It was the perfect way to end my time here on Koh Tao, with some of the loveliest and most special people I think I’ll ever meet. Us DMTs come and go, but it’s safe to say that we were the best group that ever has been, and ever will be. We probably all think that, but for us I promise it’s true! 


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